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The Wilmington Choral Society (WCS) consists of individuals who are dedicated to the performance of the best of choral music. Our repertoire ranges from the great classical masterpieces to contemporary secular music.

If you are interested in joining the WCS, we would love to hear from you! For new applicants, we ask that you have a background of choral music performance, a commitment to attend all weekly rehearsals (you may miss 2, and still perform), and a willingness to work hard and rehearse at home several times a week. For our current members, welcome back.

Interested parties should email our Membership Chair:

Membership: Karen Easton

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Wilmington Choral Society

Byron Marshall, Conductor

Sheryl Tjon, Collaborative Pianist

Board of Directors

President: Irene Voneiff
Vice-President: Kathy Blackwell
Secretary: Diane Sullivan
Treasurer: Julie Tyslan
Scholarship Chair: Kathy Horsmon
Public Relations: Donald Bowers
Membership: Karen Easton
Social Chair: Suzanne Prince

Concert Chair: Donald Bowers

At-Large Member: Vacant

Director: Byron Marshall

Collaborative Pianist: Sheryl Tjon

Section Leaders

Soprano - Natalie Childress

Alto - Debi Hawkins

Tenor - Tracy Morris

Bass/Baritone - Dennis Haugen

Social Media

Karen Easton

Stage Decorations

Suzanne Prince

Sunshine Fund

Joan Beachum


Gloria Ahlberg

Kathy Blackwell

Kathy Brennan

Gloria Ahlberg

Kathy  Blackwell

Kathy Brennan

Judy Brockelman

Natalie Childress

Jean Collier

Rosemary Cook

Candy Corley

Nancy Cowen

Karen Easton

Eve Hanna

Karen Henderson

Kathy Horsmon

Alice Long

Edie Ludgate

Brittany MacVittie

Peggy Mahan

Michaline "Mikki" Manno

Denise  Miller

Sally  Morgan

Helen  Raytek

Shar Rifkin

Gloria Shirley

Georgia Sill

Diane Sullivan

Patricia Van Schaick

Irene Voneiff

Anne Wall

Debbie Waltz

Anne Marie Wiedemer


Allyson Allen (Hunt)

Carol Batson

Edna  Bennett

Rhetina Dean

Pamela Drake

Gillian Edens

Kay Evans

Carol Fordon

Gwen  Frankel

Janet Garrison

Georgie Harrison

Kimberly Hatch

Debi Hawkins

Linda Hollis

Valrie Horton

Gwen Justice

Margaret Lutkoski

Cathy Meekins

Sharon  Oed

Donna Philips

Suzanne Prince

Katherine Richards

Kathy Ripley

Jennifer  Scott

Pam Smith

Theresa Tripp

Julie Tyslan


Dennis Aves

Mike Bennett

Don Bowers

John Busalachi

Jack Deckard

Louise Griswold

Mel Johansson

Robert Katulak

Johnny Midgett

Tracy Morris

Steve Nunn

George Oed

Tina Schenk


Adam  Burkett

Bill Corley

Gene Funderburk

Rickman Davis

Steven Geiger

Dennis Haugen

Mervin Hogg

Ken McElroy

Bill Rotella

Daniell Tincher

Tom Waltz

Burt Womble

Steve Yandle

Do you have a talent for singing that you want to share with others?
We'd love to have you!

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Choral Donation
Help the chorale continue its mission to bring great choral music to the Wlmington community!
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Scholarship Donation
This scholarship goes to a high school senior who expects to continue their vocal experience in college or university. You can help!
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